we are ever-changing

Just like the universe

every season of our lives, every version of ourselves

deserves to be celebrated and honoured

You don't need a special occasion or an excuse to wear that outfit or to have beautiful pictures of yourself taken.

Every day you're alive is reason enough to celebrate.

What is an empowerment session?

Empowerment sessions are all about capturing you at your most you, whether that's being cosy indoors or nude in the wilderness and everything in between.

It's about taking the time to feel in your element and in your power.

It's about how you want to feel.

It's whatever you want.

empowerment package


2 hours

80 images

2 locations + outfits



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The Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Planning

Shooting & Delivery

natasha lloyd

sophia davies

Artemis is very organised. She sent me a moodboard before the shoot so that I could share the vision and on the day she set the tone for the whole shoot. She gives good direction and captures the mood and feel of the image perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with a creative individual with great vision.

The shoot I did with Artemis was the first time I’ve felt comfortable with someone taking my picture. She made me feel so at ease and brought out the absolute best of me when I felt pretty nervous. The pictures turned out even better than I could have imagined they would and they captured my personality perfectly. I would absolutely love to do a shoot with her again and I could not recommend her work more!

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