Hi, I'm Artemis.

My main tool of expression is a camera, my craft bringing still and moving images to life.

This website is where I share my work, photos and stories.

Welcome. I hope you'll stay a while.


Artemis is a Goddess from Greek Mythology. She protects women and is associated with nature, the wild, moon mysteries, and fierce independence.

These are all things associated to my calling here on Earth, and the fact that I was named after her definitely was no accident.

I've felt and seen the archetype of Artemis awakening in the collective for some time now. People re-connecting with their wild, with Mother Nature. Reclaiming their sovereignty and autonomy.

And that's what I'm here for; to help you remember and reclaim your power. To help you see yourself as the divine being you are.


I offer photo and video packages for artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It's important to be visible and to have your story told authentically and your way. Packages can be tailored to whataver you need - from branding shots for social media to 30s videos for reels and everything in between.

I also offer 1-on-1 mentorships for those looking to level-up their photography.