my name is artemis

and I'm here to help you

You came to this Earth with a purpose

My brand archetype is the caregiver (and my moon is in Cancer) which means I live to give. I'm motivated by compassion and the desire to make people feel seen, safe and nurtured.

and My purpose is to help you fulfill it

I was named after the Greek Goddess Artemis

who was known for protecting those under her care.

she was fiercely independent and didn't conform

to what anyone expected of her.

Which is both what I aspire to in my daily life and what I inspire in my clients.

As someone who is queer and a second generation immigrant, it's so important to me to help people be seen how they want to be seen. The more beautifully varied representation we have in this world, the less alone people will feel.

You know you best. You choose how you want to show up in this world.

Whatever your vision is, I'm simply here to help facilitate it.




what do i offer?

Against all standard business advice, my intuition (and my human design) told me not to niche down to one thing.

So here's what I offer:

we are all utterly unique

(and i'm a manifesting generator)

So I love being able to serve people in a mulititude of different ways. My business is, like me, ever-evolving and changing, so if you think I'd be a good fit for a project you have in mind that doesn't fit into a category you've seen here, send me a message.

when I get feedback like this my soul lights up

sophia nyoko

nikita redkar

Lifestyle Photoshoot

branding Photoshoot

The shoot I did with Artemis was the first time I’ve felt comfortable with someone taking my picture. She made me feel so at ease and brought out the absolute best of me when I felt pretty nervous.

You know when you connect with someone so well you realise just how many boring, awful people you've tolerated in your life before? That's how a photoshoot with Artemis feels.

i lived in a victorian school


I'm a virgo sun, cancer moon


here are a few more facts to help you get to know me a bit better


i speak brazilian portuguese fluently


I understand Spanish perfectly, and now I'm working on Greek.

i'm obsessed with interior design


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