Hi, I'm Artemis.

My main tool of expression is a camera, my craft bringing still and moving images to life.

This website is where I share my work, photos and stories.

Welcome. I hope you'll stay a while.

woman with her arms crossed on each shoulder looking into camera


Artemis is the Goddess from Greek Mythology who protects women and childbirth and is associated with nature, the wild, moon mysteries, and fierce independence.

These are all things associated to my calling here on Earth, and the fact that I was named after her definitely was no accident.

I've felt and seen the archetype of Artemis awakening in the collective for some time now. People, and especially women, connecting back to their wild, back to Mother Nature. Reclaiming their sovereignty and autonomy.

And that's what I'm here for; to help you remember and reclaim your power. To help you see yourself as the powerful and divine being you are.


I currently offer transformational photo and video sessions infused with ritual, ceremony and magick.

In these sessions I hold safe, creative space for people to truly connect to themselves and to Mother Earth. To come undone, to delve deep into their own depths and witness themselves.

I'm here to help you remember and reclaim your power. Everything you need already exists within you. Are you ready to remember?