anna thirkettle

November 25, 2022

Anna booked a half day branding session ahead of launching her new venture as a Humanist Celebrant. If you’re not sure what that means (I wasn’t at first) a Humanist Celebrant is someone who leads non-religious ceremonies (weddings, namings, funerals).

Anna found the cutest cafĂ© in Finsbury Park (they do date lattes!) and we got some solo shots of her to warm up. Then a couple of her friends came to join us and they ran through how Anna would meet and chat with prospective clients while I snapped away. It’s always great to get images interacting with people so your clients can really get a sense of what it would be like to work with you.

Then we wandered the streets down to Clissold Park, stopping along the way in any cute spots that fit the brief and reflected Anna’s personality. Side note: how iconic is that huge tiled pizza mural??

Anna had a quick outfit change once we got to Clissold Park (isn’t her vintage velvet dress to die for) and we focused on making slightly more formal, grounded photos with a good balance of light and shadows, to reflect the part of her work that deals with Death Ceremonies.

Location: Finsbury Park + Clissold Park, London, UK

Time of Year: July

Time of day: 10am – 1pm

Brief: warm, joyful + inclusive