November 18, 2022

Michael is a composer for musical theatre and media and an all round delight of a human being (think Jack Black in The Holiday but Australian). Michael was also my first ever branding client. The first person to invest in me while investing in themselves, for which I’m eternally humbled and grateful.

He found this gorgeous studio on Peerspace with a dismantled piano where we had the first half of the shoot. The second half was a few weeks later due to the rehearsal studio he wanted to use undergoing some repairs, which is lucky because I swear the sun came out just for that one day, giving us all that lovely light and shadows to play with.

I’m a big believer in synchronicities and things unfolding the way they’re meant to. I’ve learnt to trust that any reschedules or postponements just mean something even better than I imagined is on its way.

With Michael I gained not only a client who believed in me but also a wonderful new friend – something way better than I ever imagined.