willow in brighton

Willow and I connected on instagram through a mutual admiration of each other’s work and a month or so later I got on a train to Brighton to shoot with them.

I had always admired Mamiya’s from afar, mostly during the shoots in which I model for Nagib, but had never shot with one before.

Willow very generously let me borrow their Mamiya RB67, and I fell head over heels over the course of the 2 days I took to shoot 1 roll. When I took the photo of Willow in front of the vintage curtains I knew that was it. The point of no return.

When I got back to London my heart was already set, and I bought my own Mamiya the very next day.

The night after shooting I had a nightmare that all the photos came back out of focus. Considering it was my first time using a Mamiya and all the shots are handheld, I’m pretty proud that I only slightly missed focus on one (the close up with the pink cap) and got a bit of motion blur on another (the one in front of the lavender – I actually think it adds to the softness of the image).

Willow also took my portrait on large format film, which you can see here.