kid jupiter do 1970s

October 14, 2021

When I passed by this authentic Pie & Mash shop that looked unchanged for decades, I knew it would be the perfect location for Kid Jupiter’s 1970’s themed photoshoot.

The band hadn’t done a photoshoot together for about a year (I did a solo photoshoot with Laurence, the lead singer, earlier in the year) and it was time for a refresh and rebrand.

We had just half an hour to shoot in the Pie & Mash shop which really isn’t much time at all. Sometimes it can be good to have a time constraint like that because it doesn’t leave much opportunity for nerves, self-consciousness and self-doubt to set in. Everyone is on go mode, knowing that we have a limited timeframe in which to get the shots.

After the Pie & Mash shop we walked to the next locations, where we could all relax and let loose a bit more. I also filmed three reels for their instagram: Apple Eye, Mar-a-Lago and bluepink.

You can check out Kid Jupiter on instagram, spotify and youtube.

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