natasha lloyd

July 7, 2020

We started the photoshoot in a field of tall grass by a busy pathway filled with families and children chattering excitedly. I put on this meditation by Mei-lan Maurits to set the tone and intention for the shoot and as we closed our eyes and listened, all the noise quietened down.

The world suddenly became silent. I opened my eyes and the path that had been so busy a minute ago was now empty. There was no one else around. There was nothing but us, and mother nature and the ethereal sounds of Mei-lan. It was magic.

As the meditation came to an end and we began shooting, people started appearing again and the noise resumed.

Later on, while we were shooting by the ponds, I stood on the deck looking out at the water. A small water snake appeared and swam towards and then under me. In all my years in England, I’d never seen a water snake before. Snakes are a symbol of transformation and rebirth (I have one tattooed on my forearm) and I took it as a beautiful sign from the universe that I’m on the right path.

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